Student Scientific Conference about Economics of Spatial Planning in scale of Town

3rd Annual of the Conference on Town and Economy

MĚ100 - Student Scientific Conference about Economics of Spatial Planning in scale of Town


About the Conference

The Aims

We are going to open a new topic that is seldom mentioned in the context of planning. We would like to explore the connection between urban and regional planning and the economics. We would like to invite all academics from various universities and professionals in this field to come and have a discussion in an open forum with PhD students. We hope to be able to organise this in the years ahead.

How and when will the conference take place?

The idea for the conference is that PhD students will present their work and invited guest professionals will also give presentations, allowing for a scholarly and scientific debate and engagement to occur. To this end, the conference wants to invite professionals that are outside of the academic sphere: municipal representatives, especially those in departments responsible for the budgets of towns and regions; representatives of banks involved in financing public construction projects; or experienced managers of private projects interested in co-operation between public and private sector.

The conference (workshop day) will take place at the CAMP, Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2 on the 5. and 6. 11. 2019.


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